baler  2.3.1
Baler - a log processing system.

Baler is a set of software for log processing. balerd (Baler daemon) listens for forwarded logs from various sources (one of which is rsyslogd), then it extracts a pattern and stores the message (in a reduced form – see Baler daemon for more information). balerd also supports distributed log processing – having more than one balerd working together to process large number of logs (e.g. from different node/rack).

bquery (Baler query command-line interface) is a program to query patterns, messages and other information from the data processed by balerd. The query can be performed live, i.e. bquery can query the data while balerd is running. Please see Baler query command-line interface page for more information about querying.

bhttpd (Baler HTTP service daemon) is an HTTP server providing Baler data access similar to bquery. Please note that bhttpd serves only the back-end data (in JSON format). The front-end elements are not included.

For the front-end GUI, Baler comes with a set of basic GUI widgets and query library (to communicate with bhttpd) implemented in JavaScript. Please see baler/src/bhttpd/html/ in the source tree for more information.